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New Junior Champion of Austria - 05/10/2015

Flamencoton One Million "Hoshi" became Austrian Junior Champion winning JBOB at the Austrian show!!! Congratulations Monica!







Multi Junior Champion Fandango - 12/20/2014

After Flamencoton Fandango has gotten 2 Junior Champion titles last month, now he got another 2 more Junior Champion titles! Fandango won BOB Junior, JCAC both days at the Vilnius International show in Lithuania, and he became Lithuanian Junior Champion and Baltic Junior Champion as well!







New Junior Champion titles - 11/30/2014

Flamencoton Fandango was shown by her owner at Narva International show in Estonia. He won BOB Junior, JCAC, Best Of Breed, and became Estonian Junior Champion and Latvian Junior Champion!






DNA Tests - 10/30/2014

We have done 3 more DNA tests on Multi CH Duende Flamenco and Multi CH Brittany, and they are CLEAR for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), HU (Hyperuricosuria), and PH1 (Primary Hyperoxaluria)! So now both Duende Flamenco and Brittany are CLEAR of all 6 DNA tests (CMR, BNAt, VWD1, DM, PH1, HU) that are available for our breed Coton de Tulear. It means that all their puppies are CLEAR as well. We are so proud that they have produced not only beautiful puppies, but also healthy puppies.



Brittany (left) & Duende Flamenco (right)





Degenerative Myelopathy - 10/15/2014

We have finally received the results of DNA tests from all 3 puppies of the litter F (Combava des Sirenes du Cap la Houssaye x Brittany du Domaine de la Rouviere). All 3 of them, Freedom, Fandango, Fiesta are CLEAR of DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)! What a nice feeling to hear the news! Thanks to the owners of Fandango & Freedom for doing the test.



Freedom (left), Fandango (center), Fiesta (right)





Best In Show! - 10/05/2014

Wonderful news! Flamencoton One Million "Hoshi" won BOB Puppy and BEST IN SHOW Puppy at the Koper II International show in Slovenia!!! Congratulations to his owners! What a great start for his show career! Way to go, Hoshi & Monica!







Puppies "Dudu x Fanny" - 09/27/2014

Multi CH Brittany du Domaine de la Rouviere "Fanny" gave birth to four beautiful all-white puppies, 1 boy and 3 girls!!! The proud father is Multi BIS placements, Multi Group Winner, Multi CH Jespersen's Duende Flamenco "Dudu".


This combination of Fanny x Dudu have given us beautiful healthy puppies.

Some of the successful offsprings are;

- World Winner 2009 (J) & 2010 BIS Multi CH Flamencoton Bahiya

- New World Winner & BOB 2014 CH Flamencoton Eternity

- BIS Multi CH Flamencoton Cloud Nine

- Multi CH Flamencoton Buffalo

- Winner of PGD at Crufts 2014 Flamencoton Extreme

- CH Flamencoton Bolero

- CH Flamencoton Charisma, the mother of Junior World Winner 2014 Mindi


This is the last litter of Fanny, and we are so happy that the delivery went just fine and quickly.







Dudu (left) & Fanny (right)





New Champion titles - 09/21/2014

BISS Multi CH Flamencoton Cloud Nine "Messi" was shown at the International show in Hilleröd, Denmark. Messi won Certificates and now he adds two more Champion titles, Denmark Champion and International Champion to his long lists of titles! Congratulations to Lotta & Messi! Such a great couple!








Best In Specialty Show - 07/23/2014

Great news from Sarajevo! European Jr Winner 2013 CH Flamencoton Eternity "Tiny" won Best of Breed and BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW 3 under the judge Mr Paul Stanton! Congratulations and thank you Darja for your professional works!






New Iberian Champion - 07/13/2014

Spanish CH Flamencoton Bolero was shown at the International shows in Lisbon this weekend, and became Lisboa Winner 2014 and Iberian Champion!







Res. Best In Group - 06/25/2014

We have been to the International show in Medina de Pomar this year again. We showed Multi CH Duende Flamenco "Dudu" and our new hope Flamencoton Fiesta Por Buleria "Fiesta". Dudu won Best of Breed, and Fiesta got Exc 2 in junior class. Dudu then won Res. Best In Group! It was a nice show day for us.




Multi CH Duende Flamenco "Dudu"


Flamencoton Fiesta Por Bulerias






Eternity did it again!- 06/17/2014

Super results from Austrian shows! Junior European Winner 2013 Flamencoton Eternity was very successful at the 2 day International show in Klagenfurt. First day, Eternity won Best of Breed, and Res. Best In Group! And the second day, she won Best of Breed, and Best In Group!!! Congratulations Darja & Tiny! What a wonderful gift for me as a breeder!










Res. Best In Show - 05/25/2014

Great news! Multi CH Flamencoton Cloud Nine "Messi" was shown at Lulea SDHK Show in Sweden, and he won Best of Breed under the Danish judge Mr Svein Björnes, and Res. BEST IN SHOW under the Dutch judge Mr Lochs-Romans! Lotta & Messi, what a dream team you guys are!








New Spanish Champion - 05/25/2014

We have received wonderful news from Madrid! Flamencoton Bolero has gotten his last CAC at the Spring Championship show winning Best of Breed! He is now Champion of Spain! Bolero is a litter brother of the World & Multi Champion Flamencoton Bahiya and Multi Champion Flamencoton Buffalo. Congratulations to his owners!







New Croatian Champion - 04/06/2014

Fantastic news! European Jr Winner 2013 CH Flamencoton Eternity got her last CAC at Bjelovar National show winning BOS and became Champion of Croatia!







Crufts 2014 - 03/08/2014

Great news from Crufts! Flamencoton Extreme "Cesar" won the first place in the Post Graduate Dog! The second place in the class was Excalibur "Prince", the son of World Winner & Multi CH Flamencoton Bahiya. Congratulations to the winners! And thank you Danielle for your great work with Extreme!



Extreme in the left & Prince in the center (photo; Lesa Miles)





New International Champion - 02/14/2014

Fantastic news! Multi CH Flamencoton Dreams Come True "DT" has gotten her last CACIB winning Best Female at the Budapest Winter show in Hungary and became International Champion! Congratulations to the team DT & Tuija!






Fitiavana and Babylone will have pupppies! - 01/23/2014

BIS Multi CH Fitiavana of Woodland Cottage "Fiti" will be expected puppies in the end of February. It will be her last litter before Fiti will be retired. The father of the puppies is French & Multi CH Babylone du Domaine de la Rouviere (Elite A). We felt in love with Babylone when we saw him at shows a few years ago, and always have wanted him to be the sire to our girl. A special thanks to his owner Christine for making this happened. We are really excited for this outstanding combination!
More details in Puppies' Page.


BIS Multi CH Fitiavana & Multi CH Babylone





Our new girl! - 01/06/2014

We are proud to introduce our new family member! This lovely girl is Flamencoton Fiesta Por Bulerias "Fiesta", 6 months old. She is out of Multi CH Brittany du Domaine de la Rouviere "Fanny" and Multi CH Combava des Sirenes du Cap la Houssaye. We are very happy with her development. She already has started her show career as Best Female Baby and Best Puppy and received wonderful critique.





Flamencoton in 2013 - 12/23/2013

Soon the year 2013 will be ended and the holidays are coming. Our show year has gone successfully and we are happy with the results. This year we have been to the foreign shows outside of Spain. Here are our result:


Dudu in 2013:

BOB and RBIG - International Martorell (Jan)

BOB and BIS 3 - National Specialty Bourges, France - 88 cotons (Feb)

BOB and BIG and RBIS - Libournes Coton Specialty, France - 20 cotons (May)

BOB and RBIG - International Medina de Pomar (Jun)
BOB and BIG 4 - International Gibraltar (Sept)

BOB - International Sempeter, Slovenia (Oct)
BOB - Stockholm Winner (Dec)

Dudu got 7 new Champion titles this year and now he is C.I.B. Spanish, French, Portugal, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Morocco, Slovenian, Swedish, Finnish Champion!


Fanny in 2013:

She got 4 new Chapion titles and now she is C.I.B. Spanish, Portugal, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Morocco, Slovenian Champion!


Buffy in 2013:

He got his last CACIB and now he is Champion of International, Spain, and Portugal!


And our offsprings:
FLAMENCOTON DREAMS COME TRUE "DT" - New Champion of Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Rusia, RKF, Nordic & Baltic Champion!
FLAMENCOTON ETERNITY - European Jr Winner 2013 & BOB Junior, New Jr Champion of Austria & Slovenia!
FLAMENCOTON CLOUD NINE - Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Champion!


And we have now a new family member, our new girl FIESTA


Thanks to the judges for making this happened. Thanks to the owners of Flamencotons for their works, caring, and love. We hope to see you next year and wish you a wonderful holiday season!







Show in the USA - 12/17/2013

Great news from the USA! The only puppy of CH Flamencoton Alma from our last litter, Flamencoton Grand Bal de Dior "Chiqui" won first place at the USACTC National Specialty 4-6 month puppy class! This was her first show. Well done Chiqui and Denise!








Trip to Nordic country- 12/16/2013

Our boy "Dudu" and I had a wonderful holidays in Nordic countries. Our trip has started with flying to Finland and stayed one night, then took a big boat for the round trip to Stockholm attending the show, enjoyed staying at Finnish warm house in a countryside with a whole bunch of cotons, and drove to Helsinki for the weekend. We enjoyed so much that we forgot about we were there for almost 2 weeks.


Thank you very much to all coton people and breeders in Sweden and Finland for your warm welcome and friendship! And thank you for the lovely dinner organized by Finnish breeders! It was also nice to meet coton breeders from Germany and Denmark.

Thank you very much Tuija and her family for your hospitality! Thanks to Lotta and her husband for nice companies! It was so great to see again our offsprings, Flamencoton Dreams Come True, Flamencoton Fandango, and Flamencoton Cloud Nine.

And last but not least, thank you to my husband for taking care of the house, children, and coton gangs!











New Champion of Finland - 12/15/2013

A week after the Swedish Winner Show, we had the 3 day Finnish shows in Helsinki. The first day was "Helsinki Winner Show". Dudu and his son Flamencoton Cloud Nine "Messi" were entered in Champion class. Dudu won the second best male with Certificate and RCACIB. As a result, he became new Finnish Champion! Messi was placed as best male 4th. CH Flamencoton Alma's daughter, Flamencoton Dreams Come True "DT" was 4th in Champion class. The second day "Nordic Winner Show" and the third day "Finnish Winner Show" were followed and finished with wonderful results as well.

We are so happy that Dudu got Swedish Champion, Swedish Winner 2013 (SE-V13), and Finnish Champion just in one week & one trip! And also to see my offsprings at the shows with fine results!



Multi CH Duende Flamenco "Dudu"






Swedish Winner Show - 12/09/2013

My holidays with Dudu in Nordic countries has started so great! Multi CH Duende Flamenco won Best Of Breed over 33 cotons and got the title Swedish Winner 2013 at the International Swedish Winner show in Stockholm! And as a result, he became a new Swedish Champion! It was so nice to meet again the Dudu's son, Multi CH Flamencoton Cloud Nine in the Champion class. The father and the son were walking in the same ring, next to each other! Dudu's grand daughter and CH Flamencoton Alma's daughter, Multi CH Flamencoton Dreams Come True was shown in Champion class and won the 4th Best Female. A special thanks to Tuija, Lotta and her husband for your help and good companies!



Multi CH Duende Flamenco "Dudu"



Multi CH Flamencoton Cloud Nine "Messi" & "Dudu" (left photo)

Multi CH Flamencoton Dreams Come True "DT" (right)



Multi CH Duende Flamenco "Dudu"




BIS 3 Couple - 11/23/2013

Great news from Zagreb, Croatia! BISS EJW2013 Flamencoton Eternity won Best of Breed at the International show in Zagreb, and also was presented for the first time as "couple" together with Monsieur Ames Raj Karpat. They won the third place in Best In Show!






New Champions of Slovenia - 11/09/2013

We have been to the Slovenian show in Sempeter with Dudu and Fanny. Dudu was Exc 1 with CAC, and won Best of Breed. The Best of Opposite was his daughter, European Junior Winner 2013 Flamencoton Eternity. Fanny was Exc 1 with CAC, and selected 2nd best female after her daughter Eternity. As a result, both Dudu and Fanny became new Slovenian Champion! Thank you to Darja and her husband for your hospitality! We had a wonderful time!




Multi CH Duende Flamenco "Dudu"


Multi CH Brittany "Fanny"





Best In Group 4 - 09/22/2013

Our Multi Champion boy Dudu added new champion titles to his long lists of titles and championships. He is now new Champion of Gibraltar and Champion of Morocco! Dudu won Best Of Breed both days, and was selected in Short list of Group both days, and he was placed 4th of Group on the second day!







New Champion of Gibraltar & Champion of Morocco! - 09/22/2013

Our Multi Champion girl Fanny was shown at the two day International show in Gibraltar and became Champion of Gibraltar and Champion of Morocco! Fanny came back to the shows after she had puppies in July, less than 10 weeks ago. She got two days CACs and Best Female in the second day with CACIB and Morocco CAC.







New Multi Champion! - 09/07/2013

Great news from "DT"! Multi Jr CH Flamencoton Dreams Come True "DT" has finished her last CAC winning BOB at the show in Tallinn, Estonia! She has just turned 2 years old, and with this CAC she became Multi Champion! Now DT is Estonian CH, Finnish CH, Latvian CH, Lithuanian CH, Swedish CH, Norweigian CH, Russian CH, RKF CH, Nordic CH, Baltic CH! Congratulations to the team Tuija & DT!







European Dog Show 2013 - 09/01/2013

Great news from the European Dog Show in Geneve! BISS Multi Junior CH Flamencoton Eternity won the title JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER 2013 & BOB JUNIOR!!! Eternity is Baby European Winner 2012 and this is her second European Winner title! We showed two males, Multi CH Duende Flamenco and Multi CH Flamencoton Buffalo. Dudu won 3rd in Champion class and Buffy also won 3rd in Open class.





Flamencon Eternity



Flamencon Buffalo



Duende Flamenco






Best In Show! - 08/31/2013

Multi CH Flamencoton Cloud Nine "Messi" won Best of Breed and BEST IN SHOW at Coton Special and 6 Breeds Specialty show in Stockholm, Sweden! We are on Cloud Nine!








New born puppies! - 07/06/2013

Fanny has given birth to 3 beautiful puppies, two all white boys and one girl with the mark on her head! Please look at our Puppies Page for more informations and photos. We will update every week.







RBIG in Medina de Pomar - 06/27/2013

Our show season has finished with Dudu's Res. Best In Group at the International show in Medina de Pomar. Now we are expecting puppies next month from our two future moms, Fanny and Alma.







New Champion of France - 06/06/2013

Just received the CH title from the French Kennel Club. Our boy, Dudu is now officially French Champion! Dudu has finished the French CH title by being at five shows, winning BOB for 4 times, Res. Best In Group, Best In Group, BISS 3, and Res. Best In Show.






Eternity modeling for ads - 06/07/2013

Flamencoton Eternity "Tiny" and her owner Darja posed for the ads Special One.





Flamencoton Eternity did it again! - 06/03/2013

Great news from Austria! BISS Puppy, Baby European Winner '12 Flamencoton Eternity won Best Junior, Best Of Breed, and Best In Group 3rd at the International show in Klagenfurt!!! Amazing! She has just turned one year old! Congratulations to Team Darja & Tiny!






Fanny and Alma - 05/29/2013

Our two ladies, Miss Fanny and Miss Alma soon will be Mrs Fanny and Mrs Alma? Spanish, Portugal, Luxembourg, International CH Brittany du Domaine de la Rouviere "Fanny", and Spanish & International CH Flamencoton Alma have been mated. We will be expecting puppies in the second week of July. We have never had two litters at the same time, so it will be exciting!


Alma (left) and Brittany (right)





Messi in Agility - 05/12/2013

Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish CH Flamencoton Cloud Nine "Messi" has now started Agility! It was a wet and very cold day, but it didn't matter to him, he was having so much fun!






RBIS in Libourne, France - 05/12/2013

We had a great weekend in France! Spanish, Portugal, Luxembourg, and International CH Duende Flamenco "Dudu" won Exc 1, CAC, and BOB at the National Show in Libourne (Coton Specialty) and winning this last CAC, he now became French Champion!

In the ring of honor, Dudu won Best In Group, and Res. BEST IN SHOW!!!


A special thank to Mme Daoust (Breed judge), Mme Vincent Schmidt (Group judge), and Mme Choisy (BIS judge). What a fantastic way to finish the Champion title!








Celebrity "Caya" - 05/12/2013

We have received a lovely photo of Flamencoton Celebrity "Caya" with her beautiful puppies in Denmark. Thank you Charlotte!





BIG 3 in Koroska - 05/12/2013

BISS Puppy, BABY EW'12 Flamencoton Eternity "Tiny" was shown at the Koroska National Show in Slovenia. She won Junior Winner and Best Of Breed, shortlisted BIS Junior, and Best In Group 3!!! It was just one day before her first birthday.






New Luxembourg Champions - 03/31/2013

We were in Luxembourg with Dudu and Fanny on this year's Easter break. At the Luxembourg International dog show, CH Duende Flamenco "Dudu" won Exc 1st in Champion class, CACL, CACIB, and Best Of Breed! As a result, he became Luxembourg Champion and got qualification for Crufts 2014.

CH Brittany "Fanny" won Exc 1st in Champion class, CACL, and became Luxembourg Champion as well.


Duede Flamenco








International Show in Graz - 03/01/2013

BISS Puppy Zagreb 2012 & Best Baby European Dog Show 2012 Flamencoton Eternity "Tiny" got her first title Junior Champion of Austria at the International Show in Graz! She has now just turned 9 months old.






National Specialty Bourges 2013 - 02/15/2013

We have travelled for the first time to Bourges to attend National D' Elevage, one of the biggest and important shows in France for our breed Coton de Tulear. This National Breed Specialty show (organized by CCCE - Club of Chihuahua, Coton de Tulear, and Exotic breeds) is an oligatory point for the French champion title. There were 85 cotons registered, and it was very competitive with lots of beautiful cotons from France and other European countries.


Dudu got Exc 1 in his very strong Open class with 16 males, won CAC, Best Of Breed, and BEST IN SHOW 3!!! Our girl, Fanny got Exc and pre-selected for the five best females in Open class. So we are happy with the results!


Thanks to all people who were supportive to us and to whom help us in any way! It was a real pleasure to talk to our friends, see familiar faces, and meet new friends! We enjoyed the show very much, the atmosphere was really great, friendly and warm. A special thank to the judge Mr. De Guinea. Dudu also got TAN 10/10. Dudu now needs one more CAC from one of Coton Specialty shows to finish the French Champion title, and hopefully will be finished soon!




Duede Flamenco (Photo upper right; Anita L G)








New International Champion - 01/30/2013

Spainish & Portugal CH Flamencoton Buffalo "Buffy" won CAC, CACIB, and Best Of Breed under the French judge Mr. Jacque Le Magnan at the International Show in Perpignan, France. Now he becomes International Champion as well.






First show of the year - 01/14/2013

We have been at the Barcelona International Show in Martorell, Spain. Our boy "Dudu" won Best Of Breed, and the afternoon he was placed Res. Best In Group! What a fantastic strat for a new show season!








New year greeting from Eternity - 01 /05/2013

We have received a greeting card from Flamencoton Eternity living in Slovenia. Thank you Tiny and Darja for this sweet card!


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